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Are you competing for skilled workers?

Competition for skilled workers has resulted in increased turnover, decreased productivity, and lower profits.

Impacts of the Great Resignation

- 48 million workers changed jobs
- 29% of workers are currently looking
- 11+ million job vacancies

Stop competing for the same talent pool and improve employee engagement and skill through the Registered Apprenticeship model.


Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs)

A Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is an employer-centric strategy to effectively recruit, train, and retain highly skilled workers. RAPs combine paid on-the-job learning (OJL) with related instruction (RI) to progressively increase workers’ skill levels and wages.

RAPs provide job seekers immediate employment into roles that pay sustainable wages and offer career pathways as they gain industry recognized, nationally portable credentials.

Apprenticeships are an employer driven approach to developing a highly skilled workforce

Components of a Registered Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are an effective way to reward high performing employees and move them up the career ladder.

Business Involvement

Apprentices are paid employees
with opportunities for advancement and career growth

On-the-Job Learning

Skills and experience are gained
through paid on-the-job training
in a work setting

Related Instruction

Flexible delivery of theoretical and
technical knowledge to accelerate
learning and skill gains

Professional Mentorship

Industry professionals mentor
apprentices to enhance hands-on
-learning and engagement

Rewards for Skills Gains

Identifies clear goals and provides
wage increases with gains
in skill and experience

Industry Credentials

Apprentices earn portable industry
recognized credentials that offer
career pathways

Veterans in Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships Attract Veterans

Employers recognize the value veterans bring to the workplace but often find it challenging to connect with transitioning service members and veterans seeking employment. Employers see higher retention rates from veterans and report that their veteran employees demonstrate proven leadership, an ability to work well under pressure, and a strong work ethic.

An apprenticeship is a natural fit for veterans who prefer work-based learning models that allow them to “earn while they learn.” Veterans can access GI Bill® benefits to receive an extra allowance in addition to their apprentice wages. The combination of veteran benefits and apprentice wage acts as a financial bridge to starting a new career. By participating in a GI Bill® approved program, employers are taking a major step to becoming a veteran-ready organization.

Apprenticeships Ease the Transition Process Service Members

Learn how GI Bill Benefits are provided to Veterans enrolled in an Apprenticeship

Intermediary Services

Apprenticeship Provider Services

We deliver tailored solutions to assist employers in adopting apprenticeships and other work-based learning programs. With a team of 58 full-time workforce professionals, we are one of the largest workforce or apprenticeship intermediaries in the nation.

Development and Funding

While taking a business-centric approach, our experienced team develops, launches, and manages flexible apprenticeships. We closely partner with public workforce system to leverage and deliver funding, resources, and incentives to employers.

Administration and Improvement

Businesses interested in limiting their administrative responsibilities can join our multi-employer Registered Apprenticeship that serves employers across five industries. We can offer specialized services to businesses with new or existing programs by facilitating resources, evaluating areas of improvement, and implementing new strategies.

Recruitment, Training, and Mentorship

The recruitment, training, and mentoring of new apprentices can be challenging for many new sponsors. Our team can assist or lead with the recruitment process, delivery of the related instruction, and provide mentoring of apprentices while we prepare your team to take over.

Launching Programs

Building and Launching Apprenticeships

Having an experienced and trusted advisor to navigate your organization through the development phase can prevent mistakes throughout the process. The ACS team can assist you in registering flexible programs that are designed for easier collaboration and leveraging of funding. ACS will assist in customizing tools to ease the management of your new program. For employers not prepared to take on the administrative duties, ACS is able to perform most of the administrative roles or even act as the program sponsor.

Once the apprenticeship is registered, the program sponsor and participating employer(s) need to finalize details to fund the program and have agreements for any partnering organizations that might support recruitment, workforce funding, mentoring, and training of apprentices. It is important to evaluate for experience and skill for each apprentice, especially when enrolling current or “incumbent” workers. Programs that seek technical assistance or collaborate with other organizations are more likely to have a successful launch.

Development Phase


Learn about the benefits, best
practices, and resources available


Select roles that need new talent,
skill growth, and improved retention


Collaborate to create a flexible model
focused on achieving goals


Register program and create
administrative policies and procedures

Implementation Phase


Partner with workforce system, training
providers, and non-profits


Access resources to assist in program
implementation and operation


Enroll apprentices to start on-the-job
learning and technical instruction


Effectively administer and manage
program to transform workforce

Apprenticeship Funding

Leveraging Workforce Funding to Support Employers

Apprenticeship represents a valuable investment in skills that can put workers on a proven path to the middle class while getting the job done for employers and businesses looking to grow and expand.

Federal, state, and local workforce funded programs and tax credits can assist many businesses develop and expand apprenticeship. These policies encourage more employers to provide high-skilled training opportunities for apprentices and assist educators and intermediaries in strengthening the tie between training and employment through apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Expansion Grant from Coastal Bend Workforce Board

$13+ Million in Workforce Funding Delivered

ACS leads in arranging workforce funding to assist employers in the development and operation of Registered Apprenticeship programs.

On-the-Job Training

For new apprentices eligible for services under WIOA, local workforce development boards may provide employers a reimbursement that equates to 50% to 75% of an apprentice’s wages for 400 to 1,000 hours.

Individual Training Accounts (ITAs)

Registered Apprenticeship sponsors can elect to be added to a state’s eligible training provider list (ETPL). Once added, local workforce development boards can provide sponsors with an ITA to fund the related instruction component for WIOA eligible participants.

Apprenticeship Expansion Funding

The U.S. Department of Labor has provided more than a billion dollars in apprenticeship expansion funding during the past five years. Contracted and grant funded organizations can provide employers with apprenticeship incentive funding and technical assistance.

Tax Credits

More than 20 states currently provide employers with tax incentives to support costs of an apprenticeship. Most tax credit can be combined with other forms of funding.

Case Study of ACS Partnering with Local Workforce Development Boards

"Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board and
Adaptive Construction Solutions"

- Published by the U.S. Department of Labor

Recognition for Best Practices

As a RAP sponsor, ACS aims to work with businesses that offer continuous and stable workforce environments. ACS attracts new employers by communicating the business case for RAPs, as well as the flexibility of program strategies that are offered.

By focusing on meeting specific objectives of each employer, ACS develops relationships with businesses that lead to greater opportunities for veterans and others with barriers to employment.

Promising Results

• Tailored on-boarding and support to ensure apprentices are successful

• Strong relationships between local Workforce Development Board and area employers

• Leveraging win-win strategies that meet business and local workforce needs

• Achieving performance targets with services to the local veteran population

Case Study

It starts with Outreach

Results-Driven Recruitment Strategy

"We find talent where others aren’t looking"

- Nicholas Morgan, President

Resume-screening technology has caused millions of workers to be overlooked during the recruitment process. Abandon outdated resume-profiling strategies and adopt an evidence-based approach that identifies engaged applicants that possess the attributes that you need.

Broad Outreach Strategy

Each year we successfully connect with
tens thousands of veterans and other job
seekers from diverse communities.

Evidence-Based Screening

We utilize assessments that validate
qualities that predict job success by
measuring aptitude, personality, and skills.

Accelerated Recruitment

We reduce the “time to hire” by referring
highly screened candidates that
are motivated to join your organization.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

"Everyone benefits from greater engagement and access"

- Nicholas Morgan, President

ACS was founded by disabled veterans that understood the impact of a diverse team has on a mission. By implementing best practices for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA), ACS has recruited top talent, resulting in fresh perspectives and high productivity across the organization.

As a national leader in expanding diversity and inclusion through workforce development programs, ACS is proud of the outcomes of our partnerships with employers and communities.

"It isn't just something we do, it is who we are."

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

Many recent studies have found that organizations that adopt DEIA practices attract more talent and experience higher employee engagement. These businesses report significantly higher performance, innovation, and profitability.

Strength Trust and
Employee Engagement

Experience higher engagement resulting
in increased morale and retention

New Perspectives
and Innovation

Encourages fresh ideas and innovative
practices across an organization

High-Performing Culture
and Accountability

A Differentiator that results in increased
productivity and higher profits

Expansion of Talent

Identify new talent through outreach
efforts and recruiting practices

Targeted Industries

Industry Sector Expertise

In addition to the apprenticeships operated by ACS, we have subject matter experts supporting programs in most sectors of the economy. While not a fully inclusive list, below are just a few sectors that we either operate programs or can assist in the development of new programs.


Ironworkers, Riggers, Electricians, Laborers, and Drywall Mechanics


Tower Technicians


Pipefitters, Instrumentation Fitters, and Construction Occupations


Energy Utilities Installers, Weatherization Technicians, Energy Auditors


Structural Fitters, Welders, Electrical Technicians, Mechanical Technicians


Machine Operators, Process Technicians, Equipment Operators, Press Operators


Patient Care, LPN/LVN, Registered Nurses, Laboratory Techs, etc.


Software Developers, Administrators, Cyber Security, and User Support

Human Resources

Career Development Technicians and Workforce Development Professionals


Service Technicians and Mechanics


Building Engineers, Systems Inspectors, and Service Technicians


Insurance and Financial Professionals

Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

Our team is driven by a shared mission. We believe our impact is represented through the numerous awards from our partners and government agencies.

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion

For employing, training and retaining veterans (5x winner)

- U.S. Department of Labor

2021 - 2022
We Hire Ability

For hiring people with disabilities and creating an inclusive workforce

-Texas Workforce Commission

Workforce Employer of the Year

For partnering with the workforce system to create impact in their community

- National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP)

Stay Informed

Latest News, Stories, and Studies

ACS and Global Apprenticeship Network

Adaptive Construction Solutions Joins GAN Global Board of Directors

Adaptive Construction Solutions is honored to announce its acceptance to the Board of Directors and Governance Council of the GAN Global Apprenticeship Network. Our mission to increase the quality of life of apprentices through the dignity of work is core to developing quality apprenticeship frameworks. We are proud to further our mission in partnership with GAN Global!

National News Segment

Battlefields to solar fields: How veterans are finding careers in renewable energy

SPECTRUM NEWS - Quinn Young, a 23-year-old Army veteran, stepped out to a podium planted amid the scrub grass. It was early fall in northeast Texas, and he and hundreds of others had just about completed a solar farm the size of 1,500 football fields. Now, the company and local leaders were toasting him and others on the

Recognition for D&I

ABC Greater Houston Recognizes ACS for Diversity and Inclusion Excellence

HOUSTON – Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston, an association representing the interests of merit shop contractors and their employees, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Diversity Awards. Recognition was given to these members at the November 12th Membership Breakfast,

Grant Award Notice

U.S. DOL Awards $1.5M Grant to Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc.

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced funding of $1,561,667 for a National Dislocated Worker Grant for Adaptive Construction Solutions Inc. to support employment and training services to eligible transitioning military service members in Texas communities harmed significantly by the pandemic.

Veterans in Apprenticeship

McCarthy and Adaptive Construction Solutions partner to train veterans

As a tight labor market continues to make it difficult to meet the increasing construction labor demand, McCarthy Building Companies partnered with Adaptive Construction Solutions to hire and train veterans for solar and renewable energy projects. McCarthy piloted an Adaptive Construction Solutions program

Case Study

Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board and Adaptive Construction Solutions

The Board works closely with an array of employers, including for example, Adaptive Construction Solutions, a RAP sponsor with main offices in Houston, Texas. The ACS program is a group, non-joint RAP, which means ACS is a non-union program that has agreements with multiple employers to hire individuals as apprentices.

ACS Administrative & Training Center

(832) 619-1175

6509 W. Little York Rd.
Houston, Texas 77040